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About Us

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What We Do

  • We offer a fun, practical and gentle approach to children and adults through shared experiences with our donkey family. We run groups and 1-1 sessions that can range from a day experience to sessions over a 4 to 6 week period.


  • Our programme encourages and promotes positive well-being, self-esteem, self-awareness in order to develop a better understanding of self-care whilst positively impacting on mental health, well-being and confidence building with a donkey as a companion.


  • We do extensive work with schools, group children and 1-1 referrals from Mental Health Charities. We recently had a visit from the Education Minister to see first hand how our programme was having such a positive effect on well-being and how the skills and experiences that both the children and adults gained were transferred back into their day to day lives.

  • If you go onto the Education Board website, you can see a clip of her visit in action! 

  • We also provide training for the Diploma in Equine Facilitated Learning to professionals in order to become a qualified practitioner in EFL. We generally hold this 3 times per year and pre-booking is essential - please contact us for more information.

The image shows one of our donkeys 'Malachy' wearing the traditional working harness for a recent media documentary.


Who We Are

Learning in Harmony with Donkeys was established in myself, Anne Brown. I hold a PGCE in Education and also am an EFL Facilitator and am a Senior Member of ACCPH and above all else have held a lifelong love for donkeys.


Donkey Club

Every year we run our famous 'Donkey Club' during school holidays

which is available to pre-book. We list the dates regularly on our Facebook group.

 Each child who joins us needs to wear warm clothes, a coat and wellie boots!

Please ensure they have a snack and pack-lunch with them too. We always welcome new donkey helpers - click the button below to find out more.

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